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Written by Angelica   

"Hello Nico? Not gonna believe this, listen I found a great restaurant in Siena!"
"In Siena? Are you kidding?"
"No no... I almost get emotional”
Tuscany is a fantastic place... just think when youget there by car: it goes the sad Lazio countryside to those incredibly greenlawns, avenues of cypresses, the sweetness the horizon of the hills that bend towards the sun... By Nico often go... because it is a really nice feel, and then we go crazy for the spa, the Val d’Orcia, the Tuscan dialect, for ribollita and the crostini with chicken livers.
Why in Tuscany, plus, you eat well.
Nevertheless, it was a really long time looking for a good restaurant in Siena without ...
find it. We tried different places, but we could not find  an authentic place, without English menu, a place that kept her promise and his word.
All this until the phone call from last night.
So I have to say thanks to fate would have it, skip acouple of proposals for slow food (a now lapsed and closed for holidays) and did alittle 'to search reviews decide for "Company of Vinattieri" in the historic center of Siena ... (Via delle Terme too!).
I went down, facing a blank wall that says the nameof the restaurant, on the Play next several labels known (Gambero Rosso,Italy restaurants guide, Veronelli etc etc), and I fell down the stairs. The local collection and airy atmosphere while same, with exposed beams in the ceiling and the arches that separate the rooms. The walls and windows beliefs filled with bottles of wines and spirits, small items and cookbooks. In the end, close entrance to the kitchen, a beautiful bar on which you can see, in the splash of crystal, the sweets that you can enjoy dinner. And there is something that sparks in this restaurant... and after a while 'I realized... it's the warm light that is reflected in the glasses of wine on the shelves of which are covered most the walls. Because the company of Vinattieri, as its name betrays, is especially and even wine with choicest bottles for every budget.

To greet me was the young owner, rarely kind and thoughtful, and even his staff works extremely well together ... the young blonde waitress in the sommelier were all taken care of me and made me feel incredibly at ease.
Leafing through the menu (hooray God bilingual tourist) one senses that the kitchen is strongly based in the area, revisited with inspiration and wisdom and a pinch of innovation.
You can also do a tasting menu at a price very contained compared to the offer: tasting hors d'oeuvres, two samples of the first, a main course with a plate of mixed fresh water and coffee for only 40 €, 50 with the combination of three selected wines ... how to resist?
The customer is greeted with a welcome drink, a practice quite welcome (all sometimes  that happens to rest pleasantly surprised) on the house: a glass of wine or sparkling wine accompanied by Tuscan bread with olive oil and spices and a spicy tomato pudding. A plate note flavors, but with original texture.

There were a lot of things I wanted to try... as pici (the typical fresh pasta from Siena) with cabbage and bacon (a sausage spice and bacon fat), ravioli stuffed pigeon withbrown butter, or, as it was winter, pumpkin soup leeks and potatoes... but I can always go right? I have do absolutely try to Nicholas!
In the end I chose the noodles with meat sauce of guinea fowl and pistachios… Well it was really a experience  of  taste, pasta artfully drawn perfectly creamy sauce with a delicate, white meat fine, and aroma of pistachios is a bit of Sicily... a dish that gives more than a smile :-)

For the meat you have to wait until the next review, latest, because I was not ready
to support a full meal and the minute space for dessert, let me always ...
The sweet... the choice is hard... on the menu appear like things simple and typical cantuccini and vin santo, but also more international as the cake cheesecake, then I can not resist the chocolate and there is a cake a white chocolate mousse cream with pineapple.
How? Ask my maid tells me that she likes a chocolate... lot and that is hard to choose... well then add the cake is delicious... sbrisolona!
1+1+1=4 or take the large menu that includes sweet... taste it 4 ten euro; cake chocolate mousse, cheese cake and sbrisolona (for a little person alone is a bit 'too much, but for two is a great way to taste the sweets you want-  because you choose such taste!)

What? ask if I liked? Well the first prize goes toex-sbrisolona fair, fantastic and mixed with dried fruit and a fragrant liquor, andwhite chocolate mousse, eat a fresh white, which goes beautiful with the slight acidity of pineapple.
In second place was the best chocolate cake witha thin crispy layer and a heart soft... e... My dear... I will never reveal you if I have brushed them all away, otherwise you may assume that I am a really tasty.
So soon Vinattieri Company of a small jewel offood and wine of Siena, I  remained the curiosity to return and the desire to bring friends.
p.s. don’t you dare ask for a Florentine... will remain an empty stomach... why not a
Senese dish!

The Fellowship of Vinattieri (SIENA)
SERVICE:   very nice
PHONE:  0577 236568
CLOSE DAY: never, always open
ADDRESS: Via delle Terme, 79 - 53100 Siena (old town, no cars!)
PARKING: difficult (it is in the historic center, it is advisable to park a bit 'out)
COST: from 25-30 € to 50 € (price may vary depending on the choice of wines of course!)
WEBSITE:  (only negative: the website is not up to the restaurant).