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The pearl of Casamassima (BARI) PDF Print
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Written by Nicolò   
Monday, 08 November 2010 15:11

The R'Gonett Luke Shepherd Casamassima is a typical example of Apulian food that we
worship: the butcher shop with a restaurant. One way of eating that shortens the supply chain producer-consumer and that is often guarantee the authenticity of the flesh proposal.

The restaurant is located just twenty kilometers from Bari and well worth a visit the quality of its meat and for its reasonable prices.

We have found this little gem it with a colleague from Puglia that there had sung the praise.

Just crossed the bow with the charming old town clock (center Casamassima), the customer will have to address the key point that will decide the fate of his culinary evening: the identification of meat in the butcher's beautiful.



Here you can choose the cut and the cooking of its thread, the type of sausage, one of the different
vaults, meatballs, that are served with cherry tomatoes and rocket, with the contours of the fantastic baked potato. There is a distinct possibility of being able to choose also.
horse meat, so loved in Puglia (we do not eat!).

Then you move in the cozy interior of the restaurant, just across from the butcher, the
order a wine or a beer, enjoying one of the best meat in the region.

The surprise ending that leaves astonished is the price... we ordered meat will spending € 42 in three.

On Friday, the restaurant is open until 24.30 on Saturday until 3 am!

Great place!


La R’Gonett di Luca Pastore


COST:  15 euro

PRICE: 15 euro


ADDRESS:  Via Porta Orologio 9 - Casamassima

PHONE: 080675089


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