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Written by Nicolò   
Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:22


"Anice stellato" is a restaurant located in Cannaregio in Venice strongly recommended by Michelin and Gambero Rosso restaurant guides, the most important in Italy. Its nice name is the italian common name of spicy seed used in the kitchen that seems a little smelling star (Illicium verum), and due to wornderful location, service an the food this place conquered us and became our favorite choice in Venice.

It is not easy to find a table,  a reservation is a requirement... and you need to be really patient and perseverant. We have not discouraged nor by the grand refusal on Friday night nor to that of Saturday, and we are so motivated that we obtained a table for us and our firedn for Sunday lunch, but we were defintively rewarded! Furthermore we promise to come back soon in the Doge's city also to taste the "moeche" a particular kind of crustaceans that are found in the lagoon only in April, when deprived of the armor are left one day drunked in the egg and then fried. It should be a gorgeous experience. A delicious food that we missed just by two weeks and people said that Anice Stellato is one of best restaurant to for moeche.


You can find Anice Stellato outside from touristic area just outside the Jewish ghetto, in the spectacular "Fondamenta Sense" alley, and you will recognize the place by wonderful large windows overlooking the canal.


In the past Anice Stellato was a small shop rebuilt as a restaurant by an goodfood-lover architect: after long work, an effective project and original furnishings, was born an aesthetically beautiful restaurant.



At Anice Stellato restaurant you mainly go to eat fish, but - not so easy  in Venice – you will find some (obviously a few) meat food.

The menu is not extensive and changes rather frequently, by the season food. It begins, for example, the sardines and eggplant parmigiana (10 euro), sardines in saor with polenta (9.5), the bean cream with herbs and ricotta di bufala (10), shrimps in saor with ginger and rose pepper (12.5), the cubes of baked tuna with hazelnut Breading and raw cabbage (11.5).

As Ffrst courses you will taste spaghetti with shrimps alla busara (fish overcook in tomato sauce, 17 euro), risotto with scampi, clams and mussels (16.5), home-made of hard wheat with yellow tomato and anglerfish (16.5), pasta alla norma (14), pasta with anchovy sauce Moors (15.5), bucatini amatriciana with tuna and swordfish (15.5).


For main courses you can choose bream/bass with tomatoes and olives (21), cod fillets in batter with yogurt sauce (20), baked fiddled small rhomb (21), liver with polenta alla veneziana (16), breaded lamb chop with roasted pistachio nuts (22).



A separate chapter is the fried fish with mixed vegetables (20) that we've only seen passing between the tables. A mountain of fried can suffice as a dinner ... We bitterly regret not having chosen, it seems amazing!

In general the portions at Anice Stellato restaurant are big, if not huge as in the case of fried vegetable. The cuisine is Venetian style with a touch of creativity but never too far from tradition.

A good price/quality rate, the particularly attentive service (such as the preparation of half-portions in the case of a shared dish) and the great atmosphere made Anice Stellato our favorite place in Venice.

We suggest a visit during lunch time  to enjoy the beautiful light that enters through stained-glass windows overlooking the Canal, but even at night, when you can find the cicchetti of sea-food offered as an aperitif.

It is impossible not to conclude your trip at Anice Stellato with a excellent desserts: we particularly like cold zabaione (7.5 euro), and the Bavarian and the yogurt mousse (7.5).

Once you are outside continue the walk between the channels of the foundations Sense. It worth to see this part of Venice!



Anice Stellato

SERVICE: very friendly

PARKING: a bit difficolt (try around Piazzale Roma)

COST: 30 euro

DAY OFF: monday and tuesday (open from 6 pm for aperitif)

TELEPHONE: 041720744

ADDRESS: Cannaregio Fondamenta De La Sensa, 3272


POSITIVE: beautiful restaurant, very good quality/price ratio in Venice, all dishes are very good, good service 

NEGATIVE: not easy to get a table!

DO NOT MISS: fried 

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