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Written by Nicolò   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 21:32



Le Chiavi D'oro (The Golden Key) is a modern restaurant that enjoys a unique location on the main street in Arezzo.
This time the report of the Michelin Guide has fully convinced: the room elegantly decorated with wood and gold is the setting for a solid and imaginative cuisine where working people can do their job well.

The owners are cheerful and the environment is made particularly enjoyable by the good waiters. In the summer, then the experience becomes the Golden Key wonderful, being able to enjoy one of the outdoor tables overlooking the square.

The menu is not particularly large but well-balanceddishes ranging from land and sea. The chef then puts a grain of his own, both in the choice of dishes offered in the presentation of dishes, all very beautiful.

But be warned... This is one of those modern menu that are a challenge to the selection of dishes: a change of tartar, eggs, Parmesan cheese and chicory, ham duck breast, honey mushrooms, asparagus and black currant, and we as an appetizer we chose the salt cod and potato pancakes accompanied by fava beans and chicory(they were delicious!). Among the first signs of il risotto sweet breads with asparagus and almonds, and salt cod dumplings, broccoli, herring and marjoram. The rabbit with dried tomatoes and black olives that I ate as a main dish was one the most delicious of all time, but still: salt cod and chickpeas, or Ballottino quail with his liver.



A praise and then to the kitchen: imaginative but never overdo it. Even the desserts have fielded a pinch of creativity as in the case of puff pastry with chocolate or mascarpone cream with fruit.



If we must make a turn to the critical times that are to be reviewed: it's true, the kitchen will have a lot to do to deliver such sophisticated dishes, but the wait, especially for a Tuesday night, was  too long.

In short, an elegant and pleasant environment with excellent cuisine. All competitively priced considering all that you will receive in return. Highly recommended!

PS Beware the step in the middle of room ... I've seen it done a couple of beautiful fall!

Le Chiavi D'oro


PARKING: we are in old center, parking not far

PRICE: 40 euro

DAY OFF: monday

ADDRESS: Piazza San Francesco 7 - Arezzo

PHONE: 0575 403313     

SITE: http://www.ristorantelechiavidoro.it/







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