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Laudomia: home made tortello! PDF Print
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Written by Angelica   
Sunday, 27 March 2011 21:21


What's better than going to spend a weekend in Maremma Tuscany, early spring with a couple of dear friends? The hills are green and there is happiness in the air, expectation of good weather ahead of us and the summer approaching.

If you want to add a special touch to the whole story you can stop and eat at a great little place, this is the restaurant "Da Laudomia.

Looking a little witchcraft, it will be for the smell of sulfur, but totally fascinating...

From Laudomia "is really an institution around here(more than one hundred years!), and Nico and I went ... and came back several times, and we wanted to make it known to our friends Paul and Valentina.

The building, which faces the street is covered with wines and surrounded by peonies and flowers

in vases, the glass door you will find on display several labels of famous guides.

Outside expect to find a white-haired cat, Sleepy, which you should ask, politely, to move a little

to let me in, because he is on the doormat of Laudomia home.

The interior is not very large, but the atmosphere is warm and cozy, it will be because of the fire

(but I always saw off) and the yellow tablecloths, the light is dim, and we do not know why,

everyone is talking about low-voice, and then he finished speaking in a low voice, too.

The service is courteous, maybe a little 'shy, but Paul has skillfully managed to break the ice, commenting on (ahem ahem), a picture hanging in the restaurant with waiter portrait with

Martina Stella, yes, just you, confirming that Laudomia is not a random destination.

In order to open the dances we have simply  chosen a few toasted Tuscan, and those with

liver(my passion!) and those with fat that they are so polite to Paul and Nicholas.

The real Laudomia specialties are ravioli with pasta rolled by hand. And you say okay, but just because you say you've never tasted! In one, let us say, unfortunate circumstances, Nico and I arrived and told us that the ravioli were finished, and not tell you the disappointment, so this time, to be sure, we even booked.

The remarkable thing is both of tortellini pasta, pulled by hand to art, thin and cooked to perfection,   and his stuffed, soft and delicate, from classic ricotta and spinach, ricotta and pumpkin or chestnut cream. All dressed simply, to enhance the flavor of raw materials and sage butter, truffle butter, meat sauce. An unforgettable experience put it as the maitre chocolatier Lindt ... an incredible pleasantness.

The funniest thing was seeing and feeling Valentina, who is a little person full of grace and composure, saying several times " they are really very good .... that’s so good! "with a big smile on his lips. Laudomia has hit the mark! (But Valentina is polite and says also that my colleagues bring cookies to the office nd Nicholas).

To get to the dessert we skipped the second, which include dishes such as wild boar, pigeon and guinea fowl served in an original, accompanied by the cut (sooner or later I would try one with pistachios) and Florentine lamb chops.

However having skipped the desserts in this casemeans having tasted the artichokes in a pan, coupons, and chickpeas with olive oil, good oil in the area! (because Val and Nico adore chickpeas).

And here we are with the final sweets ... and here we are ashamed of the menu: in addition to traditional cakes (eg homemade panna cotta), you would expect from a Tuscan trattoria here

appear finer things like cottage cheese blended with cognac cinnamon and chocolate chips,

really very good and extraordinary raw material, and cheesecake and pear, a kind of northern

variant of case: two disk of pastry with nuts (substitute for almond paste) enclosing a filling

of ricotta cheese and pears cooked in sugar (similar to ricotta with chocolate and candies ). All generously dusted with icing sugar (instead of the icing), In a word, really delicious.

Laudomia then, as usual, gave the company more than a smile, because it is only a half an occasional traveler (or termanto in this case), but it is a place to discover and you should make known to the unfortunates who still do not know...