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Written by Nicolò   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 16:45




In the city where the tourist traps lurk around every corner we found the countermove: Cibreo of the trattoria, better known as Cibreino.

The small restaurant is located in the center next to the most famous Cibreo, a posh restaurant clearly has priority over the younger brother, but from where comes the kitchen Cibreino amazing specials.

The difference between the two? The Cibreo costs more, is more stylish, gives you the ability  to book , It has more varied menu. But for its part, the Cibreino in turn has something more of Cibreo: a waiter who'd be a whole day to look for how good he is. Energy state pure moving about the room like a whirlwind, Fabio, and lay a table, ask the account and with one eye beckons to those who wait may begin to enter. Then he sat down with the Japanese tourist and exhibits, to general amazement, the entire menu in Japan's language; looks at you, smiles, and says in perfect english what  the soup of bread to an American couple. Personally I had never seen anything like: polite, formal and friendly at the same time. It seems that the whole restaurant around him. Then each time, political movement that I appreciated, from the kitchen comes a little surprise: a plate maybe not requested, a portion more abundant. In short, the restaurant is just the Cibreo pampered.



The atmosphere is pleasant,  who attends a small bench waiting their turn, the few tables wood are sufficiently distant from each other and the room has an inviting feel. Certainly full of tourists, but this is Florence and I'm glad that so many were saved from the traps...

So I'm sure a good memory of Italian cuisine will save you.

The dishes of the restaurant Cibreo: If you are simple, such as the bread soup (must eat with a fork, plate special), the chowder or chicken nuggets and cheese, will amaze you with their delicacy and perfection. If they are more complicated, as the rabbit, the baked fish, calf's tail, or cod fish leave you open-mouthed to the intuition of the chef.


Even the side dish of which are accompanied with main courses are small pearls of finesse: a puree such as the Cibreino be found only by Cibreino.

Even the desserts nearly perfect: the chocolate cake and cheese cake are orange mouth-watering.



Not being provided for the reservation to happen have to wait, But the wonderful service and opportunity to eat until late certainly will help.

Please note that in addition to Cibreo (more expensive!), and Cibreino of that property is active cultural association of theatre of the salt. A theatre that offers the possibility to enjoy the same evening on a good show of Cibreo enriched with the kitchen that is right front.

Don't miss it!!


The trattoria Cibreo (FLORENCE)

ADDRESS:   Via dei Macci 122, 50122 Firenze

PARKING:  in the ztl

COST:  30 euro

CLOSE:  Monday

PHONE:   055-2341100


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