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Written by Angelica   
Saturday, 20 November 2010 14:19


Serendipity is a wonderful feeling to discover something beautiful and totally unexpected, just as he was looking for something else... and the restaurant is just that ... All'Oro serendipity.



Nico turns 30 and for the occasion we chose a restaurant with a 'good guide Roman restaurants "The Mangel ... maybe we were expecting just a good restaurant ... and not that diamond is still little known in the Roman restaurants. For us it is the restaurant with the best food in Rome. (Excluding the Pergola, Heinz Beck that signal given the prohibitive cost and where we are not yet being)

As rarely happens, eating in this restaurant you feel the creativity and preparation of the Chef who gave us a high level cooking.

Riccardo has worked with Ferran Adrià in his legendary El Bulli, has worked with  Alfonso Laccarino, directly learned from the masters of the stove and went into Borders molecular cuisine, and then returned to his hometown with his wife giving birth to a jewel of Roman cuisine that combines tradition and technology, familiar flavors and overtime at the same time presented in a masterly.

Then the space foam, made with the famous wip easy trap created by Ferran Adrià, to deconstructed dishes, chemistry, all that cooking the last few years has given us, but always well anchored on the taste of tradition. Why innovation is good, but the Italian cuisine starts from a solid base that you should not overlook.

So here are the starters: will leave you breathless tiramisu salt cod and potatoes with bacon boundary Siena and the oxtail with rocher celery jelly - see photos.



You'll find a spectacular kitchen in terms of visual and creative, but nothing that will make say, "But who knows this dish?", will be repeated with another form with another substance, with other colors, but that flavor you already have cataloged some of the meander in the archive taste.

Dishes, rather than substantial, are offered at a modest price compared to its value. And this is due to the fact that many Romans are not even aware of this temple taste.

Continuing excited we tried a review of the lumberjack with the delicious peas ravioli with parmesan mousse, mascarpone ravioli with ragout of duck and reduction in red wine (pictured) and sea ​​bass and pork soup with truffle carbonara, all extremely well done.



Last but not least... why these words were appropriate... a really sweet experience the dessert designed by Richard of Hyacinth, with a strong traditional, but with revised knowledge and wisdom... and they are beautifully presented. The tiramisu imprisoned in a dome of meringue remains a happy memory after months. (we have rebuilt it, click here). It was difficult to get a taste, as the owner of the flat he was jealous for... Ending with the little pastry (wonderful) served with coffee.



So before it's too late, go eat an hour! The menu changes rather frequent and you can be sure

that will not disappoint.


A condition that is agreed by the whole table (all the same choice. SIC!) can proceed with the advantage tasting menu, which provides, at a cost of € 55 (excluding wine), a appetizer, a first, a second and a dessert. and are confident that the dinner was worth every ... expenditure and even more.

The only sour note? The maitre: for a restaurant of this level is not up to the situation... and maybe find a nit, the room is small and in some ways a little chilly. But the dishes will be served touching perfection.

Rereading the article seems to have written this review of the restaurant for our brother

As enthusiasm shines through our words.

But again, this is a truly magical place for lovers of cooking.

Not to be missed.


PS Just now All'Oro gain the first Michelin star!



Phone.  0697996907

Address: Via Eleonora Duse 1

Parking:   Medium

Cost:  60 euro

Close:  Monday and Saturday at noon and on Sunday

Reservation:  especially if you required more than 4 people

Service:  not adequate


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