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Written by Angelica   


We reserved the pleasure of trying this restaurant in the heart of  the most quite and elegant of Prati (it appears that I was born here?), for a special  occasion.

Our party under the close friend Aldo, who now lives in Frankfurt for the love of cold science, was passing through Rome. And never place turned out to be so intimate and cozy for a small friends meeting as Tastevin.

My best friend suggested it to me, who, by the director, has the pleasure to try a lots of restaurants for so-called (lucky him) lunches... then it is a very good adviser to particular places in the capital.

And here we are from Tastevin, local small and cozy, with the appearance of a wine that is always been there. In fact, the name, Tastevin, betrayed the true passion of Daniel, the owner of this extraordinary restaurant, which... wine, champagne and spirits. You will find a choice really wide and wise, but what I suggest is to make you advise him on how to matching food and wine... because in addition to expert Daniel is incredibly ironic and nice... and will follow you throughout your meal nicely. And, always welcome, the price is low, especially considering the great quality of food that is served.



The cuisine has a strong array of Piedmont, it is usually coupled with its strong flavors, the our winter evening, with a few degrees above zero and the north wind. The dishes are presented in an exemplary manner. Starting from the appetizers, where even a simple cut Joint will be able to give more than a smile: the choices of meats and cheeses are highly refined and closely linked to territoriality and preservation of local products (of what we call "principals" in the words slowfood). And you will see that Daniel is keen much to tell and explain the origin and peculiarities of each individual product... because nothing is left to chance.

Choosing the paper we tried a better hot vegetable pie served with cream, we have combined the different cheeses and agreat Nebbiolo.



Even in the early choices of the matrix Piedmont is heard... here for us, "Ravioli del Plin" a stuffed pasta (tortellini similar in some ways, if only for the shape) of a selection of meats (beef, veal, chicken and more).We tried to ask for details on
preparation to Daniel, but between a smile and a joke told us very little ... In each
If the ravioli del plin are so called because of the "pinch" that is used to close the ravioli
(the "plin" indeed!) and is what is known as a plate of recovery: indeed inside us
go  roast meat left over, a bit 'of sausage and a bit' of vegetables - usually spinach -
egg and Parmesan. Those who can sample fromTastevin are simply exceptional.
Only drawback? There will always be not enough!



The most important are the meat, choicest and cooked with skill. I remember a very good
pork with apple sauce and a slightly spicy braised in Barolo really worthy… soft beyond all human thought.

And, last but not least, you will be the classical desserts such as tiramisu and creme brulee, as well as a sophisticated amaretto coffee mousse, I really advise you to try, because we finished the last spoon fight.



Since you will be pampered to the end, you will also bring a small selection of chocolates
hand-made these too of course, because Tastevin nothing, absolutely nothing is left to




SERVICE: kindly informal

PHONE:  06 320 8056

ADDRESS: Via Ciro Menotti, 16, 00195 Roma

PARKING: quite easy

COST: about 30-50 (it depends very much on the choice of wines that you do!)

RESERVATION: recommended (the restaurant is small)




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